Sustainable Jobs

Sustainability is the focus of our business. At Skeena, this means delivering on our promise to promote environmental sustainability and the long-term sustainability of our business model. For our employees and contractors, that means being proud of the company they work for and we work to create the employment security that comes from executing strong business plans. Our market diversity, strong customer relationships, and diversified product offering mean Skeena’s operating uptime exceeds that of our competitors, which keeps our people working and helps us to create more economic benefits for our community. We offer competitive compensation and benefits packages as well as training programs and the opportunity to advance in your career.

BC's Beautiful Skeena Region

Skeena Sawmills and Bioenergy is located in Terrace, BC – along the beautiful Skeena river and Coast mountain range, and strategically located to serve Asian markets through the Port of Prince Rupert.

A Great Place to Call Home

Terrace is the largest population centre in BC’s Northwest region. A mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, the wilderness and beauty surrounding the town is everywhere you look and easily accessible. Terrace’s natural beauty is complemented by the many amenities it has to offer, including restaurants, a thriving local arts and culture community, retail businesses, and a rich history. Terrace is a vibrant, beautiful place to call home.

Giving Back to our Community

Giving back is a pillar of our business model and we are passionate about our ability to create local benefits from local logs. We believe that what is true in life is true also in business: happiness and true success is found in helping others.

Current Positions

Interested in joining our team? Check out available positions below, or send a general application to

Interested in joining our team?

Interested in joining our team?
Interested in joining our team?