A Great Place to Call Home

Terrace is the largest population centre in BC’s Northwest region. A mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, the town’s surrounding wilderness and beauty is easily accessible. Terrace’s natural beauty is complemented by the many amenities the town has to offer, including restaurants, a thriving local arts and culture community, retail businesses and a rich history. Terrace is a vibrant, beautiful place to call home.


This amazing Northwest community is close to the natural environment that surrounds it, providing access to outdoor recreation, hunting, fishing and adventure sports. Traffic congestion is virtually non-existent.


Core communities of Kitimat, Terrace, and Prince Rupert are just a short drive away.


Flights to Terrace are more affordable compared to other areas of the province.

Community Integration

The people here are friendly and welcoming. New families moving to the area fit right in with our existing residents.

Affordable Housing

Housing prices here are a fraction of the cost of housing in Vancouver.

Regional Resources

The Northwest as a whole has all the bases covered for a high-quality standard of living: shopping, amenities, restaurants, schools, and a hospital.

Giving Back to Our Community

Giving back is a pillar of our business model to create local benefits from local logs. We believe that what is true in life is true also in business – happiness and true success is found in helping others.


Please visit https://www.terrace.ca for more information.

Source from: https://www.terrace.ca/ and http://www.visitterrace.com/.