Skeena is a quality-focused company. We produce premium and standard grades of lumber to meet each customer’s needs.

Our quality assurance program runs through the entire supply chain. First, we source high-quality hemlock and balsam logs from Northwestern British Columbia, which has a considerably dense grain and provides exceptional quality products. Then, with the best technology and equipment, such as newly upgraded head rig carriage, 3-D log scanner, and Lucidyne auto-grader, and abundant experiences in log breakdown and lumber manufacturing, our quality is constantly maintained at the highest level along with other factors – recovery, efficiency, and safety. Our quality control inspector ensures every piece of lumber meets NLGA grading rules through closely monitoring the entire production line and regularly conducting grade checks on finished loads. Also, our convenient location allows us to ship orders to different customers through different means of transportation and ensure they arrive at our customers’ places on time with the highest quality standards.

The core value of our quality assurance program is OUR PEOPLE. Our philosophy is simple: quality fibre coupled with quality people will produce quality products that will end up with satisfied customers.