Why Hemlock?

Hemlock is coveted for its astonishing blend of strength and beauty. Skeena’s hemlock products are used across the Pacific Rim in the construction of residential projects, light commercial buildings, and structural building components, as well as for a wide range of industrial applications.

Our Products

Quality Products from Sustainably Managed Forests

Skeena’s strong ties in Northern British Columbia supports our focus on Pacific coast hemlock products. We make the most of every tree by producing top-quality lumber in commercial and proprietary export grades and creating bioenergy products for industrial and residential applications. We supply wood chips to pulp and paper producers and logs that don’t match our product profile are sent to other domestic producers so nothing is wasted.


Skeena is a global leader in Pacific coast hemlock lumber production. Thanks to the caliber of our material, experience, and production quality, our lumber products are the top choice for a variety of end uses.

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Wood Chips

Skeena is a significant supplier of wood chips for BC’s pulp and paper industry.

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We offer specialty logs to domestic customers, including western red cedar and Sitka spruce.

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Wood Pellets

Skeena Bioenergy produces high-quality wood pellets, a key fuel source for green power production.

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The Skeena Difference

Skeena Sawmills is one of the largest Pacific coast hemlock lumber producers in British Columbia, offering a wide variety of top-quality Hem-Fir products for domestic and international markets. Our location in Terrace gives us an excellent logistics advantage. We are 135 kilometers from the Port of Prince Rupert, which makes us the closest North American port to Asia.

Our products include Japanese Genban, China select, and furniture stock quality lumber. We also cut to metric sizes, which is ideal for customers in Taiwan, Korea, and Southeast Asia. 

We are a privately owned company with the flexibility and experience to address individual customer needs.