Bill McRae, a legend and pioneer in the British Columbia Skeena Valley, originally built the sawmill here in 1960. In the next six decades, the mill went through three successive ownership transactions and major capital upgrades before being acquired by Roc Holdings Ltd. — the company that owns Skeena Sawmills —  in July 2011.

Since then, Skeena Sawmills has invested more than $50 million in capital upgrades to the sawmill and launched the construction of Skeena Bioenergy’s wood pellet facility. By investing in new technology and innovation in every part of our process, we have proved to be focused on long-term success.

History Timeline

1960 May

Started as Skeena Forest Products Ltd. (Locally owned company)


Sold to “Price Group”


Sold to “Abitibi Paper Co. Ltd”


Sold to “Canadian Cellulose Co, Ltd.”


Sold to British Columbia Resources Investment Corporation


British Columbia Resources Investment Corporation changed the company name to BC Timbers Ltd.

1983 June

Sold to West Fraser Timber Co.

2011 July

Sold to Roc Holdings Ltd.