At Skeena, we grow opportunities:
• Sustainable construction materials to build green homes.
• Renewable energy to power economies.
• Stable, well-paying jobs that support families.
• The next generation of forests.



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Happiness Starts With Helping Others

Giving back to our communities is a key part of our business model. We strive to create local benefits with local logs. We believe that what is true in life is true also in business: happiness and true success are found by helping others.

Our Leadership

Skeena Sawmills has an exceptionally strong leadership team comprised of people with years of experience working in the forestry industry. We believe that our strong leadership will guide our company into the future of sustainably managed forests and enable us to make a difference.

Our leadership department has paved the way for us to grow our global business relationships and earn top-notch certifications to ensure we’re doing all we can to preserve and replenish our forests.

Our History

A sawmill of one type or another has been at this site in Terrace, BC, for more than 60 years. While ownership has changed hands over the decades, forestry has always been a core component of the Terrace economy. Skeena Sawmills is proud to take that tradition into the future through the investment of time, money, and innovation.

Indigenous Partnerships

Skeena Sawmills and the Skeena Bioenergy plant are honored to operate in the traditional territory of the Tsimshian First Nations. Our fibre supply area includes territories and treaty areas of numerous First Nation communities within the Skeena Region of British Columbia.

Skeena's Projects

Since our launch in 2011, Skeena has invested over $50 million to improve manufacturing and operations.

Potential Future Projects

• High-capacity kiln that will increase drying capacity and efficiency for kiln-dried lumber products.

• Canter line for processing small logs that will reduce costs and increase recovery and productivity.

• Lumber cross-cut package saw that will assist in meeting length specs and increasing recovery.

• De-watering presses that will decrease our reliance on fossil fuel and increase productivity making the plant more energy efficient.

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