Featured Lumber Grades

Skeena Sawmills specializes in high-quality lumber made from Pacific coast hemlock (western hemlock), which is an excellent choice for a myriad of high-value applications because of its top-notch characteristics.

Strong and attractive with a straight, uniform grain, Pacific coast hemlock is free of resin, odorless when dry, and has excellent working properties. Its physical attributes and visual appeal make this wood the perfect choice for a variety of wood products, or even for remanufacturing. Pacific coast hemlock is used in a variety of joinery and finishing products because of its lustre, hardness, and uniform tone.

Hemlock’s ease of machining and finishing—not to mention its strength and stability—is why it’s one of British Columbia’s most popular products used for staircases, decorative front doors, and furniture. Because it is easy to treat, it is popular for treated wood applications and—when treated with fire retardant—for use in public buildings.

Our high-grade Pacific coast hemlock is excellent for end uses that demand superior performance and aesthetics. Here at Skeena Sawmills, we offer some of the best high-end grades in the lumber industry:

C&BTR Clear

Our C&BTR Clear lumber strictly follows NLGA lumber grading standards and is proudly produced from slow-growing, fine-grain western hemlock and balsam trees that are grown right here in British Columbia and boast unparalleled elegance and durability.

#2 Shop&BTR

Our #2 Shop&BTR lumber prices offer a more economic solution for customers to recover clear fibre.


Genban grade lumber is held to high quality standards regarding knots, wane, moisture content, and appearance.

China Select 1® (CS1®)

CS1® grade lumber is carefully inspected for knot size and quality and has tighter constraints on wane. Not only is it strong, but it is also graded for its appearance.

#2 and #3 Timbers

Our #2 and #3 timbers are recovered from high-quality hemlock and balsam logs and are graded for both strength and appearance.