Bill McRae, a legend and pioneer in British Columbia Skeena Valley built the sawmill in 1960.   With over five decades history, the mill went through three successive ownerships and major upgrades until acquired by Roc Holdings Ltd., in July 2011.

Teddy Cui established an investment company Roc Holdings Ltd (“Roc”) in 2010 with primary focus investment in resource industries. As its first acquisition in Canada, Skeena Sawmill Ltd. (“Skeena”) was acquired from West Fraser Timber Co., on July 19, 2011. Skeena’s corporate mission is to be a “premier developer of natural resources in Canada.”

Immediately after acquisition the company delved into Forest Licences development and upgrade of the sawmill.

The Skeena sawmill and log yard are located on a ±80.66 acres site with 2,700 feet of frontage along Yellow head Highway 16 in Terrace, British Columbia. In addition, the company owns ±102.9acres land on Kalum Road. The mill has Canadian National (CN) rail spur in the property with 11 rail cars loading capacity at any given time.

Since acquisition in July 2011, the sawmill and the planer have undergone major upgrades.

1981 - Aquired by West Fraser Timber

1985 - Major upgrade by West Fraser

1999 - Upgrade from Green to Dry lumber

2007 - Sawmill shutdown due to market & USW

2011 - Acquired by Roc Holdings Ltd.

2012 - Major upgrade by Roc Holdings Ltd.